How Hair transplant Can Change One’s Personality

Hair loss can affect one’s personality in a negative way and may have a devastating impact on one’s social and mental well-being.  Loosing of hair in bunches during combing or bathing can cause a lot of stress and baldness may lead to frustration and depression. One may develop a fear of social embarrassment and also start to escape public meetings.

To solve the problem one try to use medicines and hair care products, which may not be of any use after certain stage? With modern hair transplant techniques one can get back the hair in the bald area, which looks totally natural. As this hair grows, one can get those cut, styled or groomed in a way one likes.

Out of many benefits, one of the benefits is that one gets the confidence back and a big boost to the self-esteem. One feels confident when one looks into the mirror and sees the well groomed and styled image.

Another point is that one stops avoiding social gatherings and environment of parties as after the transplant one feels positive and the new look gives overall positive thinking.

At Workplace and in professional circumstances one gets a better chance of getting the edge if one is more confident, vibrant and youthful, which a person with hair loss can actually get by hair transplant.


How Hair Transplant is a Permanent Solution for Baldness?

How Hair Transplant is a Permanent Solution for Baldness?

Hairs are a major part of one’s look that contributes towards the beauty. Most of the men experience hair loss or thinning of hairs as the age progresses, and for many people, it starts in the early 20s as well. It is normal to shed ~50 to 100 hairs a day due to hair cycle that is common in everyone.

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical technique with which the lost hairs can be restored by implanting new hair follicles from the permanent hair bearing area usually the back or side of the scalp to the bald area or recipient area. Hair transplant is the best technique to deal with male pattern baldness that cannot be treated with available medications.

Hair transplant is done by 2 methods:

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Both the methods are having their own benefits but, FUE works best when one wants to keep short hair and doesn’t want any scar on the head. Also, FUE is comparatively less pain procedure and has a faster recovery.

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The answer to the most common dilemma, either if the hair transplant is a permanent solution to the baldness or not is YES. Hair transplant yields permanent natural looking hairs to the bald area depending upon majorly few things as mentioned below:

  1. The transplant is done on a healthy scalp and the donor hairs majorly taken from the permanent hair bearing zone that is resistant to the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).
  2. The patient is not suffering from any medical illness or sickness that might be causing the hair loss or stopping hair growth. Also, it is not recommended having the surgery if someone suffering from severe fever.

The recovery after hair transplant takes usually 12 months’ time for complete hair growth. No need to do any additional care for the newly transplanted hairs as they will grow naturally like old hairs and need general care only. Also, one the result came, the hair will remain life-long. Thus, hair transplant is considered to be the most cost-effective treatment for the baldness as it requires an only one-time investment that will yield lifetime results with almost zero or no complications.

Be ready for a comfortable hair transplant journey to get that younger look back again. Remember, your surgeon is the only one who can help you with all the minor or major queries for the surgery and it is advised to follow all the pre and post-operative instructions to be told by your surgeon in order to obtain the desired look.


Why eyebrow hair restoration?

Eyebrows are one of the important facial feature. They are very essential for routine communication, facial expression and also protect your eyes from external dirt, debris etc. Eyebrows help enhancing the looks and one can today flaunt his looks using different styling eyebrows. Eyebrow hair loss is not natural hair loss, that’s why it is generally more socially unacceptable.

Main causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss are:

  • Due to any dermatological condition like Atopic dermatitis, Seborrhic dermatitis, Frontal fibrosing alopecia, Telogen Effulvium.
  • Any infection caused due to certain drugs
  • Deficiency of Iron and other important nutrition.
  • Trichotillomania (TTM), or self-inflicted plucking of hairs
  • Metabolic conditions like Alopecia, diabetes, thyroid imbalance
  • Medical or surgical therapies like medications, chemotherapy, radiotherapy (radiations)
  • Scar from Injury leading to loss of hairs in eyebrow

Most of the people love to modify their eyebrow so as to get the desired shape, length or density. Also, cosmetic options add value to this practice where a person can go for threading to create the desired brow.

One can use dark pencils to hide the hair loss on eyebrows or to thicken the eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair restoration

Eyebrow hair transplant involves transplanting the hairs from the scalp to the eyebrows. This procedure is technically more sophisticated and advance as different parts of eyebrows have different angle and directions. One may need to go for the regular trimming of the eyebrows after the hair transplant. Hair transplant is the permanent method for restoring the eyebrows when indicated.


Is investing in hair transplant a good idea?

Hair transplant is a minimal invasive surgical procedure of transplanting the hairs. The whole procedure performs under local anesthesia to avoid any pain during the surgery.

Generally, it has been assumed that being a surgical procedure, hair transplant is very expensive and premium option for treating baldness. But the matter of fact is that, if we keep aside the infrastructure, highly-experienced surgeon and other facilities than the treatment cost might cut down to almost 50% or even lesser.

If you are planning to have a hair transplant surgery, you should know about the facts on which the cost of hair transplantation actually depends:

  • Hair transplant procedure type (FUE or FUT)
  • How many grafts (1 graft ~= 2.2 hairs) need to be transplanted
  • Infrastructure Cost and experience of the surgeon and the team
  • Number of sessions for conducting the procedure (single or multiple)

If you are following certain medications like Finasteride or Minoxidil for combating hair loss or baldness then do not take any other medicine. In-take of these medicines has to be continued and yes, you need to bear the cost on regular basis.These medications are helpful during early stage of hair loss. Also, if you stop taking these medicines after certain interval of time, you may observe the hair loss that was gained or preserved by the medication, and will return to the stage of baldness. This is not the permanent solution for fighting hair loss.

You invest once, get lifetime results

Hair transplant is a permanent solution for the hair loss or baldness if it is done on a healthy scalp and the patient is not suffering or suffered from any kind of medical disorder causing hair loss. Thus, we can say that hair transplant is a onetime investment for treating the hair loss. In nutshell hair transplant is an affordable option as compared to the modalities like medication, hair weaving, and hair piece.

Hair Transplant surgery yields natural looking hairs (depending upon the surgeon experience and many other factors) within affordable investment.

So we can say that investing in hair transplant is definitely a good idea.

Key Steps in FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant as we know is a surgical procedure of transplanting the hairs from donor area to the recipient area (bald area) of the scalp. There are certain protocols that need to be followed if one wishes to obtain the desired result.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant involves extraction of the hair follicles one by one from donor area and transplanting the same to the bald area. Hair transplant is done under local anesthesia and with some premedication to ensure maximum comfort to the patient.

There are certain steps that the surgeon generally follows while doing the hair transplant using FUE technique:

  1. Examination & Counseling:The surgeon will do complete examination and the counseling with the patient regarding all aspects of hair transplant.This also includes doing some blood tests.
  2. Local Anesthesia: After getting into procedure room, the surgeon will give local anesthesia to make the scalp numb.
  3. Making the Slits: Now, the surgeon makes the tiny slits in the bald area where the hair follicles need to be transplanted. This step needs very preciseness and perfection to ensure natural angulation and direction.
  4. Process of Extraction& Insertion:Grafts from donor area will be extracted using micro punches. After examining the quality of grafts they will be transplanted to the bald area where the surgeon had made slits.
  5. Bandage:After the procedure, the doctor will place antiseptic bandage to avoid any infection to the donor area. The same is removed very next day. Also the patient can wash the scalp very gently next day following the instructions by the doctor or the clinic.

While the doctor doing the procedure using all above key steps, the patient is free to watch television, listening to music or have a chat. Also you can take small breaks within the procedure to have some snacks or juice or use washroom. The whole procedure can be done in few hours or sometime in more than 1 seating depending upon the number of grafts to be implanted.

FUE is completely a comfortable journey towards your new look with the hair transplant. With all above mentioned steps, the surgery will be giving you the desired result. You need to follow certain set of instructions told by your doctor before and after the procedure.

Is the Cure For Baldness Ends Some Where?

Is the Cure For Baldness Ends Some Where?

Baldness nowadays becomes a curse towards society.  This is because so many people are facing challenges, hatred and feeling harsh due to this problem. Even so many people are facing issues in getting married because of early signs of baldness, hair loss, hair fall and hair graying problems.

Some Facts about Hair Loss:

Hair loss is known as alopecia or baldness in medical terminologies. It is referred to as loss of hairs from the part of the head above. Here only we are talking about head not body.  The harshness of hair fall can vary from a small-2 area to the whole body. The irritation or scar will not present if treated properly.  Hair loss in some people causes psychological distress.

Most Common types include:

Male pattern hair fall problems, female pattern hair fall problems also known as propecia, alopecia and thinning hair. It is also known as telogen effluvium. Now we will talk about the causes of first pattern. In male pattern, the problem occurs due to genes, hormones, male testosterone etc. However, no one is able to find the exact reason for female pattern hair loss problems. This is still unclear that what the cause behind that is.  Due to psychological, physical and stressful event the hair loss strives to occur indefinitely. There are many terms in this area which is known as autoimmune, telogen, effluvium etc.

Many certain medications included without any swelling or scar which occurs due to iron deficiency. Malnutrition, fungus, infections, HIV/AIDS, inflammation and any other medical condition is less common cause of hair loss. Sometimes the part of hair fall problems occurs due to the affected area.

The hair loss sufferer might avoid steroids or any other medication. However, in our country there are many clinics and doctors’ available to treat hair loss problem. One such method used by doctors is hair transplant and this is one of the long term maintained treatment for baldness.

You might accept the condition of this and by accepting this condition you will be prepared for next level of treatment very soon. Minoxidil and Finastride are few medicines used by doctors to treat hair loss. It has become very common in men and women. About half of the population in the world is suffering from hair fall and hair related diseases.

Initial Symptoms and Signs:

Patches in head, hair fall patches, circular shape patterns, dandruff, rough skin, irritation, scars in head, hair loss, hair damage, unusual hair growing. Round shape circular lesions in skin and continuous fall of hairs dramatically.

People have almost 2, 00,000 hairs on the scalp of their head. There are many people who went for hair styling, hair strands etc, but on an average if number of strands of hairs lost then it needs to be typically managed successfully. After brushing hairs, you may find so many hairs falls in the brush. After shampooing, people may find many problems of hair loss in their basins or bathrooms. So, it requires attention a lot.

Hair Transplant Procedures & Costs

Hair Transplant Procedures & Costs

Hair fall because of male pattern of baldness or androgenic alopecia is something that could affect both men and women. Hence, hair transplant or hair restoration is the only process that is left for the individuals. When medication does not work any further, this is the only process left.


If you have a well-defined baldness in your crown region and pretty dense hair coverage in the donor region which is primarily the back portion of your head, you are the most appropriate candidate for transplant. This is because; the hair that is implanted in the front region shows the best outcome post-surgery. However, before going for the surgery it is best to have a detailed discussion with the surgeon before taking up the surgery. After understanding the entire process and from all angles, you should move ahead with the plan of transplantation. This will help you understand whether you are the right candidate or not.


Nonetheless, there are two processes used for hair transplantation and they are FUT and FUE. One process uses the dissection of each hair follicle and implant them in the bald region were the other one extracts at section of hair follicle and implant the same in the donor region. However, both have a lasting effect and natural looking final outcome. However, many surgeons prefer FUE over FUT as the latter one is time consuming. The hair transplant cost especially in Delhi and in Indian sub-continent would be a challenging issue for those who have low budget, but clinics like Hairnsenses offers the most affordable cost.

Now, another main factor that needs you attention is the cost factor. Depending on the health condition and the area of coverage for the hair implantation, the pricing varies. However, the doctor, technicians and clinic also contributes in determining the pricing. The better the place, the eminent the doctor and his team, the more the price would for the entire process. Also, the health condition and the post-surgery follow-ups also is something that would determine the total cost for the hair transplant. If you have some chronic health issues which needs attention while the surgery, it would cost you more. However, it is always advisable to go for the best possible clinic and select the best doctor for your hair transplantation. This would ensure you get the best final result.